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Our clients are some of the hardest working HR professionals in the world. Their recruitment challenges run the gammet, and some even span the globe.  We are considered to be a one-stop solutions provider for recruiters in nearly every industry, for companies large and small.  In return for our creative, personalized service approach and genuine care for results, here's how some of our clients say THANK YOU:

"I have been meaning to send this to you for a week! For the Career Invitational, we reviewed 200 resumes, had 36 interviews, and should be making 6-7 offers to potential candidates. Additional interviews and finding the right position for interviewees may develop 9 more offers.

In addition, we will see carry over interviews from this event; are still receiving resumes; are rescheduling a few interviews; and referrals continue to come in!

You and your team were a huge part of this success, and I could not have done this without you! And of course, the ads were great! I appreciate your extra efforts and it was a real pleasure working with you! Thank you!"

- Leigh, ManTech International

"I'm setting up interviews all over the place. Great response from the ads. We've filled two management positions last week and have three interviews for various locations going on this week. We're rockin' & rolling. Couldn't have done it without you! I'm sure I'll be talking to you soon... as we both know, something always comes up!"

- Debra, Prime Retail, L.P.

"I just wanted to let you know that my HR team and I love this idea! We are looking it over at our official meeting this week and I will keep you posted. From the initial feedback, it looks like everyone is very impressed with everything!"

- Michelle, American Radiology Services, Inc.

"You do a great job creating our ads and take so much of the work off my shoulders in regards to getting them placed. It's very much appreciated. I believe in letting people know these things!"

- Julie, NHS Human Services

"Thank you Laura, and everyone at Parker Advertising. You are a wonderful group of people to work with, and I am so happy that I was able to meet all of you at your open house. I wish everyone the best and Parker Advertising continued success."

- Lisa, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

"Thank you for all of your help! We saw 119 candidates, which was almost an all-time high. The ad looked great, and many people heard about the job fair through the ad. We really enjoyed working with you and will definitely call you again. Thanks again for all of your effort!"

- Kara, American Medical Laboratories

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