Parker Advertising Service, Inc.

For almost 20 years, Parker Advertising Service, Inc. has assisted Human Resources professionals shorten recruiting time and save money with our help in developing a compelling, customized recruitment message along with thoughtful cost-effective media recommendations.

Our President started her career with 10 years of Human Resources experience before entering the advertising field. She has taught everyone working here the importance of flawless service, and the urgency of helping clients attract good candidates.

Our knowledge of constantly changing geographic markets, and our ability to profile the career desires of every professional in demand, help us tap into the right candidate pool quickly, and within budget. Expect unparalleled quality and creativity in these areas:

• Recruitment Advertising Campaigns (Print, Broadcast, Multi-Media)
• Social Networking Initiatives & Related Recruiting Tools
• Website & Employment Webpage Creation (Search Engine Optimization)
• Company Profile Brochures, Folders & Promotional Material
• College Recruitment Strategies & Materials Creation
• Employee Referral Programs & Internal Communications Promotion
• Employee Survey Program Development & Promotion
• Career Fair Booth Design, Signage and Outdoor Advertising

Many of our clients have never used an agency prior to using our service.
Those who had an agency, however, told us they were receiving marginal service.

Your Parker Advertising Account Representative is a personal assistant who knows your goals, shares your enthusiasm for results, and provides multi-faceted support including:

• RESEARCHING specific industries, markets, regions, economies, professional media, electronic as well as print, to stay informed about employment throughout the U.S. and Canada. This enables us to provide reliable recommendations to you. 

• WRITING a creative, effective message for your approval, utilizing all sources of information you have. And within pre-established guidelines, we adapt the message and produce it to grab and hold target audience attention and generate response - in all media.

• DESIGNING eye-grabbing, customized print ads, website banners, billboards, posters, and more - that increase employer visibility, reflect the positive aspects of the work environment, and attract the most talented and motivated candidates to your door. 

• DEVELOPING useful media plans that track advertising activities, expenses and results.

• FLEXIBLE INVOICING itemized to your specifications. Our accounting team can bill you monthly, weekly, or by individual project or business platform, and prepare periodic reports for you.  We can also create an archive on our website for your use in monitoring activity and expenses.

• ARCHIVING. We can create an archive on, for your use in monitoring advertising activities, expense and results.

• NEGOTIATING the lowest available rates in every advertising medium.  Of media reps, we ask the right questions, scrutinize every agreement or contract they offer, and find discount agreements that are sensible and appropriate for each client.

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